Setting Summary:

The great countries of Kerdan and Foreska have been warring for two hundred years, but the war was brought to an end by the Battle of Etoli twenty years ago, where the sorcerers of Kerdan descended upon and brought an end to the Forescan army. After this overwhelming display of power, the Forescan king, Reichard, signed a treaty of peace with Theressian, the late king of Kerdan.

Although the victory at Etoli and proceeding end of the war were brought about by the sorcerers, they were not welcomed back as heroes; the sorcerers became feared for their powers, and due to the unrest of the populace, they were moved to the slum city of Joria, near Bartepas, the capital city of Kerdan. These slums are watched over by the Kerdanian Peacekeepers, an organization that was formed to keep the people safe from the sorcerers, as well as the sorcerers safe from the people.

The former king of Kerdan, Theressian, has been sickly, and he has died of natural causes. It is currently the time of Prince Cornelius’ coronation ceremony, and the whole of Kerdan is in a state of celebration.


  • Characters start at level 3.
  • ALL 3.5 books are allowed. Yes, you read correctly. Everything. There are some restrictions, though.
  • You are to send me a pdf copy of any book you use.
  • I am to be actively present in the character creation process (either via phone or via gmail). Most importantly, I want to know your final goal for your character. I also have full veto authority.
  • If you are taking a special race from the Monster Manuals or somewhere else, YOU have to work said race into the campaign to my satisfaction.
  • I will not allow anything psionic, because I don’t want to learn the rules.
  • Arcane magic is passed down through bloodlines. As a result, wizards and other classes that learn arcane magic through “studying” are not allowed. Most arcane casters are also Elves or Half-Elves, with RARE exceptions (usually involving dragon heritage).

Burning Embers

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